Sending a BIG thank you to our Ethos Equity Consulting clients, partners, and supporters! The connections we created, the minds and hearts that opened, and the systems that were transformed would not have been possible without you. In 2022 Ethos Equity Consulting reviewed 86 unique process and leveraged the gathered insights to identify targeted, mission-aligned […]

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A Look Back on 2022

It’s always appreciated when the efforts and partnerships of Ethos Equity Consulting are shared. Check out interviews and podcasts with our founder, as well as other press coverage. September 2022 | Shoutout DFW March 2022 | Dallas Weekly October 2021 | Connect For Podcast

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Ethos Equity in the Media – Articles, Interviews and Podcasts

EarthX and Paul Quinn College present the 2022 Environmental Justice Symposium where community leaders, researchers, planning professionals and city staff discuss the legacy of environmental injustice in Dallas. Ethos Equity Consulting founder and strategic director, Brittani Hite, discusses ways to empower residences impacted by environmental racism on the “No Plans for Us, Without Us: Coalition […]

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2022 Environmental Justice Symposium Hosted by Paul Quinn and EarthX

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week (April 11 – 17) Ethos Equity Consulting hosted a critical conversation – Healing the Harm: Reclaiming the Black Birthing Experience. The discussion includes perspective related to current inequities in healthcare and the disproportionate impact on Black birthing women. Over the course of the conversation the work of four […]

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Healing the Harm: Reclaiming the Black Birthing Experience

Not long after footage of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor’s deaths circulated the media I received a call from leadership at the organization I was employed by asking me to provide details into one of the many grants I was tasked with writing. I wasn’t surprised that things were business as usual, but when my […]

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5 Ways To Celebrate Juneteenth

Black culture is often imitated and appropriated, but the magic of authentic representation occurs when Black people are centered in every aspect of the creative process. This Black History Month we invite you to begin diversifying your entertainment choices and amplifying Black diversity of thought and expression beyond the lens of pain and trauma. It […]

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Black Entertainment Is For Everyone

Dearest Ethos Equity Community – This morning my faith was fueled knowing that Georgia’s newly elected senators would deliver an increased level of representation for our country. But more than that, I was filled with pride and hope knowing that when courageous leaders like Stacey Abrams work tirelessly to overcome barriers to justice and reconciliation, […]

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A Response to Today’s Terroristic Attacks at the US Capital

Covid-19 has disrupted life as we knew it. For the better part of 2020 most people’s lives have taken on a much slower pace. Time spent sheltering in place offered up opportunities to bake sourdough from scratch, lean into TikTok, take on the role of teacher, and simply learn something new. But for many, this […]


Defining DEI – The Intersectional Approach