We guide transformative system changes and establish informed understandings of how racism and other forms of oppressive discrimination hinder success.

We equip our clients with candid but compassionate educational engagement, tailored strategic planning, and human-centered programmatic design to make sustainable adjustments that benefit institutions, initiatives, and all individuals.

In an unwavering commitment to dismantle racial and social injustice.

we believe...

Unparalleled individual and institutional growth occurs beyond comfort zones.

we believe...

Sustainable, transformative change requires an intersectional approach.

we believe...

Small changes can produce large scale results.

we believe...

The EEC Approach

Ethos Equity partners with a variety of individuals and institutions to empower courageous leadership.

No matter the sector or industry we know that human-centered practices do more than benefit people, they strengthen organizational outcomes. That’s why we're committed to assessing opportunities for increased intentionality and offering sustainable strategies that collectively benefit individuals, initiatives and institutions.

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The EEC Process

Despite the natural discomfort that arises, learning about systems of oppression is a critical component of our work. It's the only way to avoid unintentional perpetuation of harmful behaviors.

Ethos Equity is devoted to creating safe spaces where everyone can learn, unlearn, and evolve. Our proven framework is made up of the six Es of Equity℠. 



the impact of institutional systems and structures

learning with a
willingness to adapt

yourself with the tools for measurable and sustainable success

in adjustments that equitably realign systems

by being mindful and intentional

success through continual
strategic refinement

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About Brittani

Brittani Hite (she/her)
Founder + Strategic Director

I believe every individual should feel valued and dignified. Since you made your way here I’m assuming we share that principle. Or maybe you’re interested in learning about the intersections of diversity, equity and inclusion that can lead to justice and collective liberation. Either way, I’m happy you stopped by!

I knew from an early age that my professional fulfillment was contingent upon advocating for equitable social impact. Although “equity” wasn’t the jargon it is today, I leveraged my marketing and communications background to advance humanistic causes. Over the course of my career I supported missions that initially made me feel warm and fuzzy, but that faded fast when my ideas were ignored and my perspectives silenced. On more than one occasion I was forced to battle my own marginalization.

After exchanging stories with others it became obvious that my experiences, although personal, were not uncommon. Despite feeling isolated and devalued I was not alone. That's exactly why I founded Ethos Equity Consulting LLC. Now, institutions and large-scale projects benefit from my formal education, lived experiences, as well as my work conceptualizing equitable and inclusive solutions.

I meet people where they are, offering eye-opening opportunities for truth and reconciliation. The learning process is ongoing but together we push past comfort zones to diminish fear and welcome sustainable, transformational change. Unprecedented growth is attainable with Ethos Equity. Join me on your journey today.

Brittani is certified in Leadership Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Northwestern University. She serves on the board of directors for The Dallas Opera and is on the Racial Equity Committee for Our Friends Place. Brittani is also a member of the executive board for Abide Women's Clinic and supports self-determination in neighborhood planning through East Dallas Greater Good and the Neighborhood Self-Defense Project. In addition to championing equitable social change Brittani enjoys photography, spending time with family and friends, and exploring the outdoors with her husband, children, and two dogs.