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"Working with Ethos Equity was a fantastic experience for our school and students. Brittani was able to relate and connect with students as young as 5 years old, as well as the adults in the audience. We hope to be lucky enough to have her back on our campus soon and often."

Laura Day
Executive Director of The Institute for Social Impact at The Hockaday School

"Our company had an excellent and highly beneficial experience working with Ethos Equity Consulting.  With the help of Ethos, we’ve been able to define our DEI “north star” and create the roadmap that points us toward it.  The Institutional Equity Audit and the qualitative data that the Ethos team collected through their survey and 1:1 interviews uncovered a number of opportunities for improvement and elicited valuable employee insights and perspectives.  With that foundation of valuable data, we were able to work with Brittani to identify a number of strategic initiatives that will address several existing shortcomings and also ensure we remain aware and intentional as we move forward.  The Values Statement we created together is the perfect fusion of our company’s core values, our “why” statement, and the fundamental DEI principles that will guide our decision-making and our focus as we strive to be the most inclusive company we can be.  Brittani is a consummate professional and an expert on the subject of equity, and her approach to advising and educating ensures that conversations on complex topics are productive and result in positive outcomes.  We know that DEI is an ongoing journey and we are very grateful for the boost we got from our engagement with Ethos Equity.  We would highly recommend Ethos Equity to any company that wants to ensure they are doing their best when it comes to DEI!"

Wyatt Kapastin
Founder + CEO at Productive/Edge

"Brittani's expertise and guidance through the whole evaluation and strategic recommendation process was beyond our expectations. Brittani jumped right in collaborating with our all-volunteer, employee-led DEI team. She communicates effectively with everyone from employees to HR to c-suite leadership. We appreciate her ability to be direct and straightforward while also being empathetic and encouraging. The level of depth during the audit and interviews critically explored all levels of our organization, structures, processes, and culture—both confirming our assumptions, as well as uncovering entirely new opportunities and the strategic actions necessary to guide our company through an evolution of intentional inclusivity and equity. Having the strategic recommendations tailored to us and our industry helped contextualize where we were and how to move forward. The value that we've already seen from this engagement with Ethos Equity has been amazing. Because of Brittani's work, we are confident that we can continue to make meaningful, impactful strides in our DEI journey.

Zoe Jacobs
Sr. UX Content Strategist + DEI Committee Lead at Productive/Edge

"I appreciated the approach taken by Ethos Equity to facilitate a safe space for equity centered professional learning. Not only were the sessions impactful for our team members, but the consultation and reports for leadership were just as powerful. Brittani did a great job of leading our conversations and sessions with a thorough understanding of our team dynamics and tailored the content to meet us where we were. I’m ready for phase 2 of this work."

Juany Valdespino-Gaytán
Executive Director at Dallas Independent School District

"Ethos Equity has been a valued partner and support helping us review the SEL Dallas work through an equitable lens. Brittani was responsive, always professional, and challenged us to think critically and honestly about our choices and work. The training sessions Brittani offered were well executed, with relevant content, and received unanimous positive feedback from our teams."

Greg MacPherson
Chief Big Thought Institute Officer at Big Thought

"Brittani is an invaluable contributor to our business and our team. As a Founder and CEO of a young business, it's paramount that we not only create diverse and inclusive products, but also lead a team of diverse and inclusive perspectives. Brittani is at the helm of these conversations, guiding us with a gentle yet firm conviction to always open the aperture wider and see things from various angles. She has become the moral compass and conscious rudder I so gratefully depend on as we navigate our business forward."

Blake Beers
Founder and CEO of Little Renegades

"Working with Brittani was a true partnership as she really dug in to understand my brand and what I was looking to accomplish. It's vital our company be purpose-driven and drive impact, and working with Brittani helped to bring this vision to life."

Leigh Coggiola-Belza
Founder and Creator of leaxy

"We were honored to have Ethos Equity Consulting establish a workshop to present to our Dallas Psychological Association members. Throughout the entire process Brittani was warm, professional, and intentional about creating a professional development workshop that met our goals. The content that Brittani presented to our organization was wonderful. She received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, especially relating to the interactive nature of the material presented. I am confident that our members walked away with a better understanding of strategies to break down racial bias, as well as tools to integrate the information into their clinical and personal lives."

Hillary Kimbley
President of the Dallas Psychological Association

"Brittani Hite is a fresh and compassionate voice in the conversation about racial equity in Dallas. Her professional development workshop for members of The School Zone was interactive and held the group's attention to the very end. We received great feedback and look forward to an ongoing partnership."

Regina Nippert

Executive Director of the Budd Center at Southern Methodist University

"Brittani naturally brings diverse people together through a valuing of presence and intentional listening. She has a way of creating a safe space and honoring individuals in the most difficult of conversations and experiences. Brittani's gift set is timely for the world of today."

Shellie Ross

Executive Director of Wesley-Rankin Community Center 

“It has been my pleasure to work with Brittani and her outreach initiatives over the past 5 years. She is always professional, courteous, empathetic and prepared to effectively address inequitable situations. She is not shy creating or working within collaborative partnerships and has a unique ability to facilitate tough conversations with total ease. I look forward to continuing to work with Brittani and Ethos Equity.”

Jeff Howard
Community Development Specialist Parkland Health & Hospital System

"Brittani brings warmth, honesty, and authenticity to equity and inclusion work. She precisely identifies obstacles to justice and engages them with empathy and clarity, which allows her to identify paths to progress. She is committed to community empowerment, and excels at building meaningful relationships with community leaders rooted in mutual trust and respect. Her ability to synthesize multiple perspectives in presentation and writing help to convene diverse perspectives around common action." 

Elissa Izmailyan
Sr. Director Community & Economic Development at the Trinity Park Conservancy

"One thing that has always impressed me about Brittani is her ability to create a level of comfortability when having difficult discussions. She has made connections between diverse groups and successfully facilitated productive dialogue, keeping equity at the foundation of her work. She remains focused on constructive outcomes and values all stakeholders as assets. For that, and because she’s simply incredible, I fully endorse her work with Ethos Equity Consulting." 

Raul Reyes
President of West Dallas 1 

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About Brittani

Brittani Hite (she/her)
Founder + Strategic Director

I believe every individual should feel valued and dignified. Since you made your way here I’m assuming we share that principle. Or maybe you’re interested in learning about the intersectionality of diversity, equity and inclusion. Either way, I’m happy you stopped by!

I’ve known from an early age that my professional fulfillment was contingent upon advocating for equitable social impact. Although “equity” wasn’t the jargon it is today, I leveraged my background in marketing, communication and engagement to advance humanistic causes. Over the course of my career I’ve been able to support missions that initially made me feel warm and fuzzy, but that faded fast when my ideas and perspectives were ignored and silenced. On more than one occasion I was forced to battle my own marginalization within the workplace.

After exchanging stories with other womxn and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) it became obvious that my experiences, although personal, were not uncommon in work and learning environments. I was not alone feeling isolated and devalued. That’s why, in an effort to reclaim my value and help catalyze equitable environments, I founded Ethos Equity Consulting LLC. Clients benefit from my formal education, lived experiences, as well as my work strategizing and implementing inclusive community engagement.

No matter the starting point I meet individuals and groups where they are, offering eye-opening opportunities for truth and reconciliation. The learning process is ongoing, but together we push past comfort zones to diminish fear and welcome the capacity to sustain transformative change. Unprecedented growth is attainable with Ethos Equity. Join us on your journey, today.

Brittani is certified in Leadership Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Northwestern University. In addition to championing equitable social change Brittani enjoys photography, spending time with family and friends, and exploring the outdoors with her husband and two dogs.