the fundamental character of a group that informs beliefs or practices.

fair and impartial access to opportunities, support and resources.

We rely on historical and environmental context to uncover barriers and thoughtfully navigate the natural discomfort that emerges when discussing and dismantling racial and social bias. We leverage our findings to implement sustainable strategies that inspire equitable change and support the fundamental elements of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

our commitment to clients

Ethos Equity is dedicated to spotlighting the intersection of DEI. Whether we're amplifying marginalized voices on innovative projects or strategizing ways to implement equitable policies, we incorporate essential elements of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our portfolio of services. 

encompasses the visible and invisible traits that establish personal identity.


ensures that systemic injustices are addressed and corrected so everyone has access to the same opportunities for success.


establishes a sense of belonging so individuals feel valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate.


ethos equity services

An unbiased evaluation that uncovers strengths and threats within current systems and structures, while also exploring the dynamics of individual satisfaction.

institutional audits 

The incorporation of mission-aligned goals and actions that yield quantifiable success.

strategic planning
+ implementation

The creation of connections that reinforce organizational goals through storytelling, leadership recruitment, task force development and more. 

community engagement

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our clients

what people are saying

"Not only were training sessions impactful, the consultation and reports were just as powerful. Brittani did a great job leading our conversations and sessions with a thorough understanding of our team dynamics and tailored the content to meet us where we were."

Executive Director at Dallas Independent School District

Juany Valdespino-Gaytán

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what people are saying

"Ethos Equity was a valued partner reviewing the SEL Dallas work through an equitable lens. Brittani challenged us to think critically and her trainings were well executed, with relevant content, receiving unanimous positive feedback from our teams."

Chief Big Thought Institute Officer at Big Thought

Greg MacPherson

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what people are saying

"Brittani guides us with gentle yet firm conviction to always open the aperture wider and see things from various angles. I so gratefully depend on her as we navigate our business forward."

Founder and CEO of Little Renegades

Blake Beers

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what people are saying

"It's vital our company be purpose-driven and drive impact, and working with Brittani helped to bring this vision to life."

Founder and Creator of leaxy

Leigh Coggiola-Belza

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what people are saying

"Brittani Hite is a fresh and compassionate voice in the conversation about racial equity in Dallas."

Executive Director of the Budd Center at Southern Methodist University

Regina Nippert

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what people are saying

“Brittani helped our members walk away with a better understanding of strategies to break down racial bias, as well as tools to integrate the information into their clinical and personal lives."

President of the Dallas Psychological Association

Hillary Kimbley

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what people are saying

“Brittani has a way of creating a safe space and honoring individuals in the most difficult of conversations and experiences.”

Executive Director of Wesley-Rankin Community Center 

Shellie Ross

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what people are saying

“Brittani has a unique ability to facilitate tough conversations with total ease.”

Community Development Specialist Parkland Health & Hospital System

Jeff Howard

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what people are saying

“Brittani precisely identifies obstacles to justice and engages them with empathy and clarity, which allows her to identify paths to progress.”

Sr. Director Community & Economic Development at the Trinity Park Conservancy

Elissa Izmailyan

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what people are saying

“Brittani remains focused on constructive outcomes and values all stakeholders as assets.”

President of West Dallas 1 

Raul Reyes

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